30+ YEARS of ONE WOMAN’S determination 



My work over the last twenty-one years in the United Kingdom has been extended in different art forms, mainly Indian embroidery, fabric silk painting, tie and die, doll making and Rangoli. The richness of the work has been exquisitely on display in solo exhibitions, people’s shows, hospitals, schools, community centres, museums, and art galleries.

As a visual artist, my work was on display over a vast amount of countries, visiting Johannesburg, Seattle, Adelaide and many others. I have worked increasingly towards the cohesion of East-West cultures beyond the boundaries throughout the United Kingdom.

Date Exhibition Name Location
2021 Out of the Frame Ort Gallery & Centrala
2019 A Journey Through Colours Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery
2018 A Life in Colour Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens
2018 Display for Woman’s International Day Sandwell College
2017 Exhibition to celebrate Ravindass Gurus’ Birthday Kanshi Studio
2016 Contemporary Art The Makaan South Shields
2016 Craft Fair Wednesbury Town Hall
2015 The Light Project Washington Arts Centre
2015 My Diwali Home South Shields
2014 Eco Centre with Fleet Arts Derby Arts
2014 Environmental Rangoli Installation Silk Mill Museum – Derby
2014 Portraits of Bhagat Singh Mela – Nottingham
2013 Comtemporary Rangoli Hadden Hill
2013 Celetebration of 100 Years of Bollywood Great Linkford Arts – Milton Keynes
2013 Portrait of Amitabh Backchan The Public – Birmingham
2008 Woven Words Museum & Art Galery – Derby
2007 Rangoli Creation Media & Photography Museum
2007 Colours of Asia Exhibition Bilston Craft Centre
2007 Rangoli Creation for Big Draw Bilston Craft Centre
2007 Rangoli Flower Creation IAB Dinner – ICC Birmingham
2006 Fruit and vegetable Creation ACME Whistles – Birmingham
2006 Celebration of Healthy Eating Project Lyng Community Centre – West Bromwich & Birmingham
2006 Rangoli Creation with Coloured Sand Shipley Museum & Art Gallery – Gateshead
2006 Fresh Flower Creations Quayside – Newcastle Upon Tyne
2006 Rangoli Creation Arbeia Roman Fort & Museum – South Shields
2006 Rangoli Creation with Oil, Garlic & Chillies Hartlepool Marine
2006 Rangoli Creation with Eggs and Bird Food Dorman Museum – Middlesborough
2006 Rangoli Creation with Wheat Grains & Clay Pots Segedunum Roman Fort
2006 Rangoli Creations with Marbles & Sand The Bowes Museum – County Durham
2006 Rangoli Creation with Coloured Rice Beamish – The North of England Open Air Museum
2006 Rangoli Creation with Fresh Flowers Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens
2006 Rangoli Creations with Wool, Fish & Coloured Sand Berwick Museum Gymnasium – Berwick Upon Tweed
2006 Rangoli Creation with Fruit & Vegetibles SWEDA – West Bromwich
2006 Rangoli Creation with Fresh Flowers Ferns Art Gallery – Hull
2005 Floating Rangoli Galton Valley – Smethwick
2005 Rangoli Creation Southampton Mela
2005 Committee of the Regions Conference ICC Birmingham
2005 Artsfest Festival Museum and Art Gallery – Birmingham
2005 Rangoli Creation Town Hall Matlock
2004 South Asian Arts Festival Eagle Centre – Derby
2004 Rangoli Creation Luton Mela – Luton
Kaynsham Music Festival – Bristol
City Pride – Winston Green Prison Birmingham
2004 Rangoli Silk Road Event British Library – London
2004 Launch of BBC at Mailbox The Mailbox – Birmingham
2004 Rangoli Creation The Scotish National Portrait Gallery – Edinburgh
2004 Flower Rangoli Bury St Edmunds Arts Gallery – Suffolk
2004 Floral Rangoli Assembly Hall – Derby
2004 Season of the Asian Arts Festival Derby
2003 Rock Festival Brittany – France
2003 Collide, Floating Rangoli Custard Factory – Birmingham
2003 Conference at Visitors Centre HMP Brinsford – Staffordshire
2003 Rangoli Creations Stills Gallery – Scotland
2003 Weekend Break Howard Johnson – West Bromwich
2003 One Woman Show Town Hall – Newcastle upon Tyne
2003 Decibel Lowry Place – Manchester
2003 British waterways and Craftspace Fazely Canal – Birmingham
2003 Artsfest Weekend Ikon Gallery – Birmingham
2003 Rangoli Creation Star City – Birmingham
2002 Riches of Stitches Guildhall Theatre – Derby
2002 Spirit Festival Fusion Rangoli Cannon Hill Park – Birmingham
2002 Rangoli Creation (WOMAD) Athens – Greece
2002 Shine Festival Tipton Sports Academy
2002 Riches of Stitches Hadden Hill House – Birmingham
2002 Art and Business Advisor of the year Jaguar Award Coventry
2002 Riches of Stitches Derby
2002 Black Country Creative Partnership Launch The New Art Gallery – Walsall
2001 World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) Australia – Adelaide
2001 Batik Heartland Hospital – Birmingham
2001 Creation of Rangoli Hill Fields – Coventry
2001 Visual Arts from India Isle of Wight
2000 Revolution, Worlds Largest Rangoli ICC Birmingham
2000 Threads of Time Derby Multicultural Centre – Derby
2000 Splash Stockport, Bury, Sale, Oldham & Manchester
2000 Taste of South Asia Nottingham
2000 Creation of Rangoli (WOMAD) South Africa – Johannesburg
Spain – Canceres
USA – Seattle
Italy – Sicily
Czechoslovakia – Prague
Gran Canary islands – Las Palmas
1999 Out of the Frame Pakistani Community Centre – Burton upon Trent
1999 Phulkari Walsall Museum and Art Gallery
1999 Textile Heartland Hospital – Birmingham
1999 Vaisakhi Celebration Perry Bar – Birmingham
1998 Bandhani Newark Art Gallery – Leicester
Bilston Craft Gallery
Collins Gallery – Glasgow
Banksfield Museum – Halifax
Bradford Industrial Museum
1997 Vasakhi Handsworth Park – Birmingham
1997 Zedaish, An Explanation of culture through tradition and decorations Town Hall – West Bromwich
1997 Transformations Council House – Oldbury
1996 Threads of Memory Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery
Hadden Hill House – Cradley Heath
1996 Sharing the Secret Brew House – Burton upon Trent
1995 Sandwell Asian Arts Festival Hollylodge High School – Smethwick
1995 Question of Status, The Development of South Asian Arts in Britain Birmingham
1994 The People’s Show Walsall Museum & Art Gallery Walsall
1994 Indian Hereford & Worcester
1994 Vasakhi Handsworth Park – Birmingham
1994 One Woman Show MAC – Birmingham
1993 Textile Accrington Town Hall – Accrington
1993 Roshni, Asian Woman Culture Exhibition Walsall
1993 Vasakhi Handsworth Park
1993 Mid Pennines Arts Burnley
1992 The Peoples Show Walsall Museum & Art Gallery
1992 Little Things mean a lot Botanical Gardens – Birmingham
1992 Vasakhi Handsworth Park – Birmingham
1991 Vasakhi Handsworth Park – Birmingham
1990 Bharti Kalakirtia The Cave – Moseley
1990 Guru Teg Gurudwara Leicester
1990 Arts Nottingham Castle
1989 Eastern Art Lord Kristna Temple – Leamington Spa
1989 Exhibition from the East Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery
1989 Shri Guru Nanak Guruswara Smethwick
1988 A.I.F.A.C. A Rafi Marg New Delhi
1988 Art from the East/One Woman Show Museum & Art Gallery Leamington Spa
Date Exhibition Name Location
2018 Heritage Textiles Exhibition Soho House – Birmingham
2017 Rainbow Threads Exhibition SWEDA – West Bromwich
2017 Opening of Rainbow Threads Exhibition by Mayor of Sandwell Muslim Community Centre – Tipton
2017 Eastern Arts Exhibition Dhan Nirankari Mission – Wednesbury
2012 Diva Making & Rangoli Patterns Exhibition Hemingford Grey Primary School
2011 Woman’s Fashion Show Bingley Hall
2009 Sewing Project Craft & Space – Birmingham
2009 Diwali Display of Eastern Embroidery Seaburn Centre – Sunderland
2008 Identity Project Museum & Art Gallery – Derby
2008 Textile Banner Display Gayton Community Centre – West Bromwich
2008 Textiles Art Gallery – Wolverhampton
2008 Art in Action Oxford
2007 Made in the Middle A tour exhibition of the UK (28 locations)
2005 Homefront – My Wedding Dress Galto Valley Canel
2004 Shimmering Colours of India Shipley Art Gallery – Gateshead
2004 Unfold Stories Kedleston Hall Derby
2003 Record Breaking Rangoli Arts Spark – Nottingham
2003 Palliative Care Touring Conygre Centre – Tipton, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Compton House & Warwick Road Temple
2003 Launch of Food is Fun Recipe Book Wood Lane Community Centre – West Bromwich
2003 Rangoli A Float British Waterways & Craftspace
2003 WOMAD Festival WOMAD Festival – Reading
2003 Sea of Hands Project Sandwell Show
2003 Launch of Rangoli Project Simpson Street Day Care Centre
2002 Spirit Fusion Rangoli Cannon Hill Park – Birmingham
2002 Made In Sandwell Hadden Hill House, Oak House, Wednesbury, Museum Art Gallery & Sandwell Valley
2002 Full Circle Cheltenham School & Sixth Form – Cheltenham
2002 Textiles Great Bridge Comunity Forum – Birmingham
2001 BBC Live Nottingham
2001 Apani Kahani Creation of Textile Story Book Leamington Spa Library
2000 Past, Present & Future Millenium Quilt Kings Square – West Bromwich –
1997 Shamina – The Magic Tent Victoria & Albert Museum – Leeds
1997 Prayer Mat Town Hall – West Bromwich
1996 Sharing the Secret Brew House – Burton upon Trent
1995 Phulkari MAC – Birmingham
1995 Threads of Time Council House – Oldbury
1995 Bhandani MAC – Birmingham
1993 Crafts from a Golden Tradition Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery – Birmingham
1900 Various A tour exhibition of the UK (37 locations)
Date Comission Location
2019 Rangoli Installation Kedleston Hall – Derby
2019 Rangoli installation Baseldon Park – Reading
2018 LITE Project West Bromwich
2017 Permanent Rangoli Logo Badshah Palace – Birmingham
2016 Permanent Rangoli Piece for Wedding (R&H) Coventry
2016 Dolce & Gabanna Diwali Flower Rangoli London
2016 Rangoli Installations East End Foods – Birmingham
2014 Rangoli Installation University of Westminster – London
2013 Installation of Comtemporary Peacock British Library – London
2013 Contempotary Rangoli Installation from Floor to Ceiling Symposium University of Westminster London
2013 Contempotary Rangoli Installation Bristol Zoo – WOMAD
2010 Logo Creation Ocker Hill Primary School
2010 Rangoli Creation St Patricks Catholic Primary School
2010 Hockley in Bloom with Ladies from Graham Street Hockley – Gurdwara
2009 Rangoli Creation British International School – Abu Dhabi
2009 Rangoli Creation WOMAD Festival – Abu Dhabi
2007 Logo Creation ACME Whistles
2007 Eight Pieces of Rangoli Designs Bashundora Restaurant – Sutton Coldfield
2006 Logo Creation Greets Green Childrens Centre
2005 Four Seasons St Johns CE Primary School – Ladywood
2005 Four Seasons Capehill Primary School – Smethwick
2004 Ansoo Textile Book Asian Woman Centre – Dudley
2004 International Quilts Shipley Art Gallery
2004 Floral Rangoli Launch at BBC Mailbox – Birmingham
2004 Khanda Symbol Guru Nanak Gurudwara – Smethwick
2004 Textile Banner Kedleston Hall Derby
2004 Multicultural Banner Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery
2003 Floral Floating Rangoli Custard Factory – Birmingham
2003 Doll Banner Wolverhampton
2003 Logo Creation Greets Green Partnership – West Bromwich
2003 Rangoli Creation Brittany – France
2003 Untold Stories Kedleston Hall Derby
2003 Panel Installed on to Pillars that supported the Ring Road Hillfields & Folshill – Coventry
2002 Rangoli Creation Queens Jubilee
2001 Fabrication Nottingham
2001 Edible Wedding Cake Bristol
2001 Camel Scene In Rangoli Style ASRA – Smethwick
2001 Tectile Banner & Storybook at the Library Leamington Spa
2000 Logo Creation WOMAD – Bristol
2000 Forward – New Art for a New Century, Highlighted by Sir Simon Rattle
2000 Phoenix Rising – New Years Eve Rangoli Orchard Shopping Centre – Coventry
2000 Creation of Rangoli World Tour (WOMAD) Johannesburg – South Africa
Caceres – Spain
Seattle – USA
Sicily – Italy
Prague – Czechoslovakia
Las Palmas – Gran Canary Islands
Adelaide – Australia
Brittany – France
Abu Dhabi – UAE
Music Arts & Dance – WOMAD
2000 Rangoli Creation Starbucks – Seattle
1999 Sikh Wedding Scene Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
1999 Textile Piece Heartland Hospital – Birmingham
1999 Rangoli & Textile Piece Chest Clinic
1999 Torhan The New Art Gallery – Walsall
1998 Rag Dolls Save the Children – West Bromwich
1998 Sikh Wedding Scene Multicultural Centre – Leamington Spa
1997 Tree of Life Woodgreen Primary School – Wednesbury
1996 Rag Dolls Multicultural Centre – Smethwick
1996 Brides of India SWEDA – West Bromwich
1996 Scene of Radha, Krishan & Gopia Wednesbury
1995 Lotus Rangoli Heartland Hospital – Birmingham
Date Workshop Description Location
2018 Visual Art Project Visual Art Project with Youth – Tipton Muslim Community Centre
2018 Textile Project Seventh Day Adventish Church – Handsworth
2018 Knitting Sessions Third Age – Smethwick
2017 Rangoli Workshop Potteries Museum & Art Gallery – Stoke on Trent
2017 Rangoli Workshop Starworks Warehouse – Wolverhampton
2017 Hand Embroidery Age Well UK – Walsall
2017 Knitting Sessions Third Age – Smethwick
2017 Cooking Sessions Tipton Green Primary School – Tipton
2017 Table Cloth Embroidery Session Muslim Community Centre – Tipton
2017 Indian Crafts Asian Community – Sparkbrook
2017 Fabric Painting Session Ekta Group – Blackheath
2017 Block Printing Victoria Park – Tipton
2017 Craft Promotion Session Age Well UK – Community Engagement Centre Walsall
2017 Felt Making Sessions Tipton Muslim Community Centre
2016 Woman’s International Day Rangoli Workshop Whlist
2016 Rangoli Workshop Holy Trinity School
2016 Natkhut Rangoli Workshop Victoria Park – Smethwick
2016 Rangoli Workshop Wilkes Green School Handsworth
2016 Cooking Sessions Tipton Green Primary School – Tipton
2016 Fabric Painting Halesowen Group – Cradley Heath
2016 Hand Embroidery Muslim Community Centre – Tipton
2016 Diwali Celebrations Sikh Education Forum – Edgbaston
2016 Embroidery Session Ekta Group – Blackheath
2016 Flower Making Ekta Group – Blackheath
2016 Art Session Newhampton Arts Centre – Wolverhampton
2016 Healthy Eating Jubilee Park – Tipton
2014 Fabric Painting & Flower Making New Art Gallery – Nottingham
2014 Celebrating Diwali Rangoli Workshop Wilkes Green Infant School Handsworth
2014 Cushion Making Carers Group for Third Age – Blackheath
2014 Textile Project Sangani Organisation – Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens
Date Project Title Location(s)
2016 Bringing 2 different Art Forms into 1 comtemporary Piece The Makaan South Shields
2010 Threads of South Asia MRCR Centre – Handsworth
2008 Threads of Identity Project VSM & Craftspace
2007 Rangoli Creation Ferens Art Gallery – Hull
2007 Textiles Wall Hanging Project Westgate Community School
SAMA Festival – Newcastle Upon Tyne
2006 Torhan Making Greets Green Children’s Centre – West Bromwich
2005 Rangoli for Different Symbols Cape Hill Primary School – Smethwick
2005 Rag Doll Making Greets Green Children’s Centre  West Bromwich
2004 Rangoli Bury, St Edmonds Art Gallery & Abbey Gardens
2004 Textile Project Sunderland
2004 Multicultural Banner Making Derby
2004 Rangoli Four Seasons Project St Johns Primary School – Ladywood
2004 Banner Making Princess End Primary School
2004 Rangoli Project with Schools Scottish National Portrait Gallery – Scotland
2004 Textile Project Newcastle Upon Tyne
2004 Timepill Project – Rangoli Installations The Public – West Bromwich
2004 Multicultural Art Exhibition West Bromwich
2004 Mayuna Project – Untold Stories Kedleston Hall – Derbyshire
2004 Back to Roots Bantock House – Wolverhampton
2004 Sangini Schat Project Sunderland
2004 Lantern Making Junction Arts
2003 Rangoli Creation Stills Gallery Edinburgh – Scotland
2003 Henna Patterns Newtown & Lodge Road Primary School
2003 Brides of India Banner Hollies Family Centre – Birmingham
2003 Block painting Lakeside Primary School – Cheltenham
2003 Sacred Geometry Project Bournside School and 6th Form Centre
2003 Food Festival Project St Vincent College – Gosport
2003 Rangoli Afloat British Waterways and Craftspace Touring – Birmingham
2003 Sea of Hands Project Sandwell Show
2003 Rangoli Howard Johnson Hotel – West Bromwich
2002 Rangoli Project – Wirral Southampton & Preston
2001 Textile Project Osbourne House – Isle of Wight
2001 Splash – streets Ahead Manchester, Bury, Rochdale, Sale & Stockport
2001 Rangoli Greece – Athens
2000 Rangoli Block Painting and Henna Patterns Arts Festival in four schools – Portsmouth
2000 Artist of the year Human and devine Exhibition – Rangoli and production of Torhan for the gallery The New Walsall Museum & Art Gallery Walsall
2000 Artist of the year Rangoli Project Chest Clinic – Birmingham
2000 Rangoli Projects South Africa, Spain, Seatle, Italy, Prague, Gran Canaries, Reading, Rochdale, Bury, Derby, Coventry, London, Manchester, Stockport, Preston, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Oxford, Swansea, & Southampton
2000 Forward New Art For New Century ICC – Birmingham
1999 Rangoli Project with Recovering Patients Maternity & Children’s Ward Heartland Hospital
1998 Bandhani Bankfield Museum – Halifax
1998 Torhan Embroidery Project Mental Health Woman’s Group – Birmingham
1997 Tie & Dye Project Newark Museum & Art Gallery – Leicester
1997 Tie & Dye Wall Hanging Kent Close Primary School – West Bromwich
Shrubland Comunity Primary School – Leamington Spa
1996 Tree of Life Woodgreen Jnr School – Wednesbury
1996 Traditional Textiles from Global Village Shipley Art Gallery – Newcastle Upon Tyne
1996 Rag Dolls Woodgreen Jnr School – Wednesbury
1995 Shipley Art Gallery – Newcastle Upon Tyne
1994 Made Eid Special – Caldmore Style & Fashion Project Walsall
1993 Rajesthani Banner Making Salvation Army – Aston
1993 Puppet Making & Tie and Dye Backdrop Summer School BABPA – Leamington Spa
1993 St Andrews CE Infant – Westpark
Dunstall High West Bromwich
Christ Church School – Wolverhampton
1991 Banner Making Cashmore Middle School – Leamington Spa
Professional Societies
Society Name Location Original
A-N Newcastle Original
Doll Making Club Birmingham Original
Chamber of Commerce Birmingham Original
Midland Leek & Horticultural Birmingham Original
Art Skills
Costume & Fashion
Environmental Art
Toy Making
Rangoli Patterns
Tie & Die
Rag Doll Making
Flower Making
Silk Painting
Banner Making
Embroidery – Punjabi, Gujarat, Rajisthani, Sindh
Indian Block Making
Peg Doll Making
Mirror Work
Clay Reliefs
Henna Designs
Pipli Making
Vegetarian Cuisine
Transcient/Permanent Rangolis
Date Project Title Location(s)
2017 100 Masters Award at Expo Event Starworks – Wolverhampton
2017 For being the Cultural Ambassador for NSIs UK on the Eve of Republic Day New Delhi
2009 For being the Role Model Amongst Women NRLS
2008 Sword of Honour for Outstanding Services Internationally New Delhi
2007 Eminet NRI Award for Keeping the Flag of India High in the UK London
2007 New Rattan Award New Delhi
2006 Hind Rattan Award for Outstanding Services & Achievements New Delhi
2004 Eilens Storer Trophy – Best Embroidery Sandwell Show
2003 Eilens Storer Trophy – Best Rangoli Creation Sandwell Show
2003 Grant for Creating Contemporary Clay Relief Exhibition Ikon Gallery
2002 Award for Working Nationally & Internationally Lord King – Oldbury
2002 Eilens Storer Trophy – Best Biscuits & Sweet Rangoli Sandwell Show
1999 Year of the Artist Award The New Art Gallery – Walsall
1999 Eilens Storer Trophy – Best Embroidery Sandwell Show
1999 Year of the Artist Award The Chest Clinic – Birmingham
1998 Grant for Research – Transient Art of Rangoli West Midlands Arts
1997 Pat Collins Award for the Best Exhibit at the Show
1996 Travel Grant for Research BHUJ (Gujurat) West Midlands Arts
1994 Trophy for the Best Display in Community Trust Sandwell Show
1994 2 Awards 6th Birmingham Indian Bazaar – MAC
1993 Award Fancy Dress Doll Competition
1991 Pincushion – Best in the Canwell Show West Midlands Federation of Women Institute
1977 Awards for Knitting & Crochet Vocational Training College for Women
1976 Awards for Jute Projects
Best Russian Doll
Wire Work
Best Doll in Show
Nehru Yuvak Kendra Dehradun – India
1970 Best in Cookery Uganda
Date Qualification Where Obtained
2007 Course on “Keep it Legal”
2007 Course on “How to Carry out Market Research”
2007 Course on “Starting up a Small Business”
1996 Training in Bandhani BHUJ (Gurarat)
1994 A Course in Silk Painting De Montford University – Leicester
1986 Course on Puppetry in Education NCERT
1978 Doll Making Course ITT Chadigarh
1978 Course on Foods & Nutrition Vocational Training College for Women
1976 Vocational Course in Textiles Ministery of Education & Social Welfare New Delhi
1972 Treachers Training Makere University – Kampala Uganda
1970 BA Makere University – Kampala Uganda
Date Training Location
2017 Erasmus & Creative Minds Adult Education Istanbul
2017 Praxis Europe – Ismek & Teach Training Course on Felt Making Istanbul
2004 Inset and Training Sessionson Dilwall Festival for the Cultural Diversity Nottingham
2004 Diwall Pre-School Training Workshop with teachers The Old Town Hall – Beeston Nottingham
2003 Twilight Sessions for Teachers on various Textile Techniques Cannon Maggs C.E. Junior School Bedworth
1999 Inset for teachers on Rag Doll Making, Tie & Die TDC Sandwell
1993 Inset for Teachers Sandwell Education Development Centre – Oldbury
1988 Course on Interior Decoration Directorate of Education – New Delhi
1988 Course on “Macrame Articles” Zeenat Mahal School – New Delhi
1987 Course on “How to make Flowers using different materials” Directorate of Education – New Delhi
1987 Handicraft Training Hindustan Staff Club – Rohtak – Haryana
1983 – 1989 Head of Crafts Department Guru Nanak Public School – Punjabi Bagh – New Delhi
1977 – 1979 Craft Teacher Nehru Yuvak Kandra – Dehradum
Date Newpaper Name Article Title
2007 Sutton Coldfield Observer Rangoli Night
2007 Sutton Coldfield News Bashundora Guest at Restaurant
2007 Sutton Coldfield News High Commissioner Guest at Restaurant
2006 Evening Mail Jewel of India Shines
2006 The Chronicle India recognises cultural contribution
2006 Express & Star Shimmering colours are at the heart of Exhibition
2006 Birmingham Mail Shimmering colours show Indian Culture
2006 Halesowen News Taste of Indian Culture, Art Display
2006 The Asian Today Shimmering Colours of India
2006 The Chronicle Raw Ingredients if Colourful Art
2006 The Birmingham Mail Mela Maria
2006 Birmingham Mail Awash with colour
2006 Birmingham Forward Silk Painting on Eid Mala Canvas
2006 Birmingham Mail Taste of the East at Festival
2006 South Tyne Star Get to Art of Culture
2006 Star Advertiser Bright and Beautiful
2006 The Northern Echo Edible Art from India
2006 Darlington & Stockton Times Don’t eat this Bowes Artwork
2006 What’s On World Cultures North East
2006 The Berwick Advertiser Museums Indian Welcome
2006 Hull Daily Mail Art lovers sample culture of India
2006 Hull Mail Short lived Artwork
2006 Yorkshire Post Colourful Art form everyday items
2006 Sunderland Echo Out and About
2006 Journal Indian Patterns
2006 Evening Chronicle Indian Art at the Shipley
2006 Northern Echo Art Event will offer package to India
2006 Evening Chronicle Wealth of Cultural Ideas
2006 Gateshead Herald & Post A Crafty Way of Getting Folk Involved
2006 Journal Tyneside Welcomes the World
2006 Sunderland Echo Proof how art can change your life
2006 Shields Gazette Getting to the art of culture
2006 Shields Gazette “World Cultures” Northeast (Arbeia)
2006 Evening Chronicle “World Culture” Blessed with World Culture
2006 Culture Magazine Blessed with World Culture
2006 Northern Echo Creating Traditional Indian Art
2006 Newcastle Gateshead what’s On A World of Culture on you doorstep
2005 Country Press (Isle of Wight) A Taste for edible Indian Art
2005 Halesowen News The Art of Rangoli
2005 Halesowen News Kids cook up an artistic masterpiece
2004 The Sikh Times Palliative Care Exhibition
2004 Derby Evening Telegraph Flower Art
2004 Express & Star Tearful Cameo of Torment
2004 Evening Mail Festival is a huge success
2003 Birmingham Mail Healthy Start at school
2003 Halesowen News The Art of the matter
2003 Birmingham Post Gardeners World – Vegetables take on decorative themes
2003 Gloucestershire Echo Indian Art of full of beans
2003 The News Portsmouth Town dishes up a tasty bit of Art
2003 The Chronicle Book shows that food is fun
2003 Express & Star The recipes for a good book
2003 Evening Mail Canals Pretty Picture
2003 City of Nottingham It’s a record breaker
2003 Metro Life Art of Floating Rangoli
2002 Walsall Advertiser Colourful Launch for Creative Partnerships
2002 News Focus South Asian Palliative Care
2002 Sandwell Herald Best in Show
2002 Express & Star Pupils try Indian designs
2001 Lancashire Evening Post Harmony
2001 Ad News Wolverhampton A traditional Indian Touch to floor coverings
2001 Courier Leamington Spa Arts project brings alive tales from the past
2001 Leigh Reporter Asian Art proves a hit with children
2001 Evening Telegraph Seeds of a great artwork
2001 Evening Post A free feast of fun in Avenham Part celebrates rich mix of traditions
2001 Express & Star Getting to grips with Rangoli
2001 Sandwell Herald Best in Show
2001 Advertisers News Kids show of their art talent
2001 Express & Star Best of Borough’s artists feature in new exhibition
2001 Greets Green Community News Food should be fun
2001 Daily News Cancer patients try art scheme
2000 Evening Telegraph Derby Art of Dilwali
2000 International News Seatle Experience a world of music
2000 Evening Telegraph Floor Mosiac that must fly
2000 Evening Telegraph High flying big fun from the top
2000 Express & Star Chat on Artist’s Gallery work
2000 Express & Star Tour & Chat at Gallery
2000 Local Manchester Paper City Streets come alive with colour & Culture
2000 Birmingham Telegraph Revolution for the fun of it
2000 Perdesan Monthly Ranbir’s Embroidery on display
2000 Express & Star Pupils try hand at rangoli
2000 Observer The Banner Headlines
2000 The Advertisers Adelaide Indian art tradition takes a contemporary twist
1998 The Chronicle Helping to fund workshops for fans
1998 Express & Star Ranbir has the show sewn up
1998 AWAM Peoples Show East meets West
1998 Leicester Mercury Fabric Craft is all Tied Up
1998 Leicester Mercury Colourful Show is Tied up in History
1998 The Chronicle Ranbir to brighten up the show
1998 Focus Hello Dolly
1998 Advertiser East meets West in colourful array of Silken Art
1998 Lancashire Evening Telegraph Indian Art Festival
1998 Lancashire Evening Dolly good New Year Show
1998 Burton Trader An Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Suits
1998 Sandwell Herald It’s Showtime
1998 The Chronicle Ranbir to brighten up the show
1998 Staffordshire News Indian Artists put Children In Picture
1998 Advertiser Keeping Art High
1998 What’s On Phulkari Exhibition
1998 Sandwell Herald Sandwell Show
1998 Express & Star Dolled up in Eastery Finery
1998 Sandwell Chronicle Colourful Cloths on show
1998 Express & Star Art with an Eastern Flavour
1998 Observer Test of Artistic Skills
1997 Sandwell Herald Art from Tipton
1997 Sandwell Chronicle A textile treat for Tipton Folk
1997 Express & Star Ranbir’s dolls are a big hit
1997 Express & Star Home show for top textiles
1997 Express & Star Artist fancies display of fans
1997 The Chronicle Ranbir’s Rag Dolls
1997 Punjab Times International Crafts on display
1997 Sandwell Herald Transferring Tradition
1997 Express & Star Class dolled up for Lessons
1997 Express & Star Mayor discovers hidden talents
1997 Sandwell Herald Embroidering the Facts
1997 Birmingham Voice Asian Banners
1997 Burton Trader Lanterns start district tour
1997 Burton Trader Woman’s creative work goes on Exhibition Tour
1996 The Daily Telegraph Bollywood Valentino
1996 Express & Star Show a hit before it opens
1996 Gateshead Post Warm Welcome for Textile Visitors
1996 Burton Mail Art & Culture
1996 Burton Trader Secret is Out
1996 Observer Artist’s Indian Experience
1996 The Chronicle Memories
1996 Burton Trader Sharing the Secret
1996 Sandwell Herald Kiran Arts & Crafts on Display
1995 Express & Star Wall to Wall Art on show
1995 Great Barr Observer Textile Show is all stitched up
1995 Express & Star Spectacular Festival Launch
1995 The Chronicle Threads of Time
1995 Birmingham Metro News Stitching up some Gems
1995 Indian Mail Threads of Time Exhibition
1995 Carmarthen Journal Asian Craft Exhibition
1994 Express & Star Traders help Arts Project
1994 The Chronicle She creates beautiful embroidery
1994 Express & Star Craft on Show
1994 The Chronicle Ranbir’s skills on show
1994 Birmingham Voice The first Black Arts File
1994 Express & Star Arts in the Community
1994 The Arts Paper Show Unveils Eastern Crafts
1993 Nelson Leader 1600 flock to see Asian Festival
1993 South Wales Evening Post Raising Profile of Asian Women
1993 Lancashire Evening Telegraph Asian Art Show
1993 The Chronicle Asian Artist Goes on display
1993 The Chronicle Course full of Eastern Flavour
1993 Eastern Eye Crafts from a Golden Tradition
1992 The Chronicle Ranbirs Dream Dolls
1992 Express & Star Indian art is put on display
1992 Punjabi Guardian Doll maker Ranbir shows off her skills
1992 Walsall Observer Reviving Traditional Textiles
1992 Express & Star Doll Maker has Skills
1992 Great Barr Observer Well! Hello Dolly
1992 City Express & Star All her own
1992 Observer Cook and sew sessions
1991 The Chronicle Popular Asian Art
1991 Banbury Citizens Art as Playscheme
1991 Evening Mail A stitch just in time
1991 Express & Star Doll maker turns out a dazzling display
1990 Daily News Nimble Ranbir has the benchmark all sewn up
1990 Barr & Bromwich Observer Traditional touch of Easter Promise
1990 The Observer Library comes alive
1990 Leicester Mercury A special historical exhibition opens at Sikh Temple in the City
1990 The Heathen Bharti Khalakirtia – Exhibition of Indian Arts
1990 The Observer Full of Eastern Promise
1990 Herald & Post Nottingham Festive Arts
1989 Morning News Show Embraces two Cultures
1989 Ajeet Punjabi Newspaper Indian Artist keeps Indian Culture Alive
1989 Trader News Eastern Art
1989 Birmingham Express & Star Art for All Goes on Display
1989 Smethwick News Telephone Asian Arts Show
1989 Great Barr Observer Ranbir brings a touch of colour to Wednesbury
1989 The Punjabi Guardian Sikh Art Exhibition at Smethwich Temple attracted 5,000 visitors
Date Radio Station Programme Title
2018 Ambur Radio – Walsall How I became a Successful Artist in the UK
2017 Ambur Radio – Walsall Exhibition – Rainbow Threads
2017 New Delhi Interview on Door Darshan with Journalist O.P. Yadav
2016 Spice FM – Newcastle upon Tyne Interview to promote short film “Daughter of Earth”
2010 The Voice Asia Creative Day
2007 BBC Asian Network Role Model in Asian Community Celebrating Woman’s International Day
2007 BBC Asian Network Made in the Middle Exhibition
2007 BBC Radio 1 IAB Dinner Party at ICC – Rangoli Welcoming Guests
2006 BBC Radio 1 Eid Festival & Silk Painting
2006 Sunrise Radio Rangoli
2005 BBC Radio 1 Hind Rattan Award – Hadden Hill
2004 Nottingham Local Radio Station Talk on Clay Relief Tiles
1999 BBC Asian Network Painted Prayers
1998 Leicester Radio Bandhani Touring Exhibition
1997 BBC Asian Network Pipli Exhibition
1995 XL Radio Phulka Exhibition
1990 BBC Radio 1 People’s Show – Dolls Collection
Date TV Channel Programme Title
2020 EKTA TV Lifestyle show presenter
2017-2019 Kanshi TV Presented 24 episodes as Kalakrityi craft presenter
1. How to make different types of flowers | 2. How to crepe, tissues & toilet paper Flowers | 3. How to make Thali for Natrati | 4. Interview with Padma Rao (making a line drawing) | 5. Potato printing & using wooden blocks | 6. Making different types of paper flowers | 7. Indian block printing & garland making | 8. Rangoli demonstration – Dilwali | 9. Interview with Fayili Bibi | 10. How to create decorative dollies for dining table | 11. Interview with Gurbux, Santosh & Vindobala from Ekta Group | 12. Showing different types of craft work | 13. Hand embroidery showing different stitches | 14. Interview with Pam and Susan Jackson from Greets Green | 15. Wrapping Christmas presents partnership | 16. Mirror embroidery with Wanyu Patel | 17. Interview with Gurbux, Santosh & Vindobala from Ekta Group (repeat) | 18. Interview with Sudha Daniel (a painter) | 19. Ethos of Punjabi wedding | 20. Rangoli demonstration – Diwali programme | 21. Interview with Jaswinder Raj (Jay’s bo) | 22. Clay Christmas Tree decorations | 23. Christmas Cards | 24. Photo frame making with Kamlesh
2016 Akaal Channel – Virse de Varis Interview on Indian Embroidery
2016 Film Launch Launch of Daughter of Earth @ Marriot Hotel – Newcastle Upon Tyne
2015 Northeast Channel Newcastle Upon Tyne Interview on “My Diwali Home”
2008 Punjabi Channel Journey of Artist – From Uganda / India & UK
2008 Brit Asia For Outstanding services & Achievements for keeping Indian Culture alive in the UK
2006 BBC 1 Midlands News – Textile Exhibition and Rangoli demo. Hind Rattan Award for outstanding services and achievement for keeping Indian Culture alive in the UK
2006 BBC 1 East Midlands News – “It’s a record breaker the largest Rangoli in the world”
2005 Bangladeshi Channel Rangoli Creation in Sunderland
2004 ITV 1 Water World – First Ever Floating Rangoli on water in the world
2004 ITV 1 Water World – Kiran’s 14th Boat Birthday Party
1998 Channel 4 Collected Lot – Embroidery from the East
1998 BBC 2 Rangoli demo Diwali
1997 BBC 1 Reflections
1997 BBC 1 Children In Need – Fan Making
1996 BBC 2 Bandani (Tye & Dye) demonstation
1986 – 88 Door Darshan Indian Television (appeared in 16 Programmes) – New Delhi
1998 BBC 2 Rangoli demo Diwali
1997 BBC 1 Reflections
1997 BBC 1 Children In Need – Fan Making
1996 BBC 2 Bandani (Tye & Dye) demonstation
1986 – 88 Door Darshan Indian Television (appeared in 16 Programmes) – New Delhi
Date Where Published Publication Name
2009 Profile – NRI Link Role Model Amongst Women
2009 Abu Dhabi Article
2008 Profile – NRI Link Sword of Honour Award
2007 In Museums across North-East England Rangoli Revealed – Inspirational Art
2007 Profile – NRI Link Hind Rattan Award
2007 Textile Directory – Shrewsbury
2006 Profile – NRI Link Hind Rattan Award
2006 Article Made in the Middle
2006 Value of Evesham Rangoli Silk Painting
2004 New International Quilts Shimmering Colours of Asia
2004 The Ladywood Healthy Living Centre Project Showcase Out of Focus
2003 Waterside Ranbir Pilots Canal Rangoli
2003 Nottingham – Khana Peena Magazine Rice One
2003 Rangoli Afloat British Waterways Monthly
2003 Helping Hands Helping Hands
2003 The Arts and Their Contribution British Waterways
2003 A Vision of the Future Calendar Food is Fun project
2003 Greets Green Community Magazine Feature on Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Recipes
2003 Hampshire Food Festival Painting with Food
2003 Greets Green Magazine Unveiling the “Food is Fun” recipe book
2003 Greets Green Magazine Rangoli Map of Greets Green
2003 Black Country Women’s Developmental Network Artist Launches new Website
2003 Greets Green Community Magazine Food is Fun
2003 Kiran Arts & Crafts the Finalists Celebrating the success of Asian Owned Businesses in the Black Country
2003 World’s Largest Rangoli Lift in the City of Nottingham – It’s a Record Breaker
2002 Greets Green Community Magazine Summer Salads
2002 Sandpaper Profile of an Artist
2002 Sandpaper Bringing Groups Together – Working with Communities
2002 Black Country Woman’s Development Network New Exhibition for Renowned Local Artist
2002 Strong Heritage Exciting Future
2002 Greets Green Magazine Ranbir’s Mexican Bean Salad
2001 The Drawing Room / Campaign Drawing Rangoli Pattern based on Children’s Design – Nottingham Asian Arts Coucil & Apna Arts
2001 Black Country Woman’s Developmental Network Woman of the Month
2001 Jaguar Magazine Seeds of Great Art Work – Award Ceremony at Jaguar Part, Coventry
2001 Sandpaper Rangoli & Diwali
2001 Creative Link Rangoli meets Wall Dressing
2001 Creative Links, Arts & Education in the District of Bolsover Rangoli & Asian Visual Arts
2001 WOMAD Articles on Rangoli Seattle Adelaide and Johannesburg
2000 Forward Festival A Wonderful Ten Year Journey of Artistic Exploration
2000 Sandwell Millennium Show “Shamiana” – The Mughal Tent
2000 Femina Magazine (India) Feature on Rangoli at Mega Mela NEC Birmingham
2000 Pardesan Monthly Textile Expert
2000 Sandpaper Millennium Dhamaka – An Explosion of Fire & Light
2000 Sandpaper Elders Display Creative Talents
2000 Sandpaper Mughal Tent Dazzles
2000 Asians in the Millennium
2000 WOMAD Reading Grounded in Caceres – Rangoli comes to Spain
1999 Hearth & Soul Newsletter Birmingham Heartland & Solihull Hospital
1998 Sandpaper Changing Views
1998 Mega Mela BBC Royal Rangoli
1998 SPICE Asian Magazine of the Year Crafting Tradition
1998 The Lichfield District Council Magazine In Touch
1997 Sandpaper From Rags to Riches
1997 Sandpaper South Asian Arts Festival
1997 Sandpaper Textile Talent on Show in London & Transforming Tradition
1996 Sandpaper Big Success for South Asian Arts Festival
1995 Crafts from a Golden Tradition – The Development of South Asian Craft in Britain
1995 Sandpaper Tipton Fire Festival & Sew Beautiful
1995 Sandpaper Sew Beautiful
1994 African / Caribbean / Asian Arts Festival
1994 Challenge News Embroidery Techniques
1994 Arts Into Health Arts into Health & Good Practice
1993 South Asian Contemporary Visual Festival
1993 Sampad Newsletter Introducing Artist
1993 Sampad Autumn Newsletter Craft Project – Riches of Stitches
1992 Pardesan Monthly Magazine Dolls Display at Walsall Museum & Art Gallery
1992 Journal The Peoples Show 2
1992 Resource Pack from Sampad Hands on South Asian Crafts
1990 Heathen Review Bharti Kalarithia – An Exhibition of Indian Arts & Crafts
1990 Commissioned Rangoli The Spirit of Roots Commissioned
1989 The Chronicle G.N.P.S. Handicrafts Admired Abroad
1988 The Chronicle A Basket full of Roses
1987 The Chronicle From Dustbin to Showcase

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