For over 30+ years I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery, exploring colour, texture and design. During this time I have developed a passion for sharing my talents and exploring innovative ways to build creative experiences to showcase my work and knowledge on Indian Arts & Crafts.

Recently I have been working for with Bloomberg, HSBC, CITV, PoliNation, Manchester City Football Club, WOMAD, Sainsbury’s and West Midlands Growth Company. Please enjoy my latest work in my news and gallery.



Ort Gallery + Centrala
11.09.2021 – 29.10.2021

My upcoming exhibitions in the heart of Birmingham aim to encourage the diverse community within the city, to discover and embrace their local art galleries. A diverse collection of my work displayed across 2 galleries in Birmingham. The exhibitions at Ort Gallery and Centrala both portray the complex and multivalent culture throughout India, telling a story of not one, but many India’s. Through a language which manages to bring different worlds and cultures together harmoniously, it’s the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

The exhibition brought back 30 years of memories. Ranbir’s work relates to all over Southern Asia and encompasses all cultures. Her work has helped a lot of people’s mental health, wellbeing and career development by improving their inner self. Long may it continue.

Syeda Khantun

Deputy Leader of Sandwell Council





I aim to bring a high level of creativity, imagination and individuality to my designs and deliver a wide range of unique services to your venue, event or celebration.


I’m extremely proud to have exhibited my work Internationally and throughout the UK. The ethos of my work is to break cultural misunderstandings and barriers, through a cascade of colour and charm, along with capturing the importance of our culture and history.


My art commissions are ambitious and brave, what unites all my pieces is my pride in my Indian heritage. Whether it’s an intricately sewn textiles piece or contemporary Rangoli wall art, all my work tells the story of my journey of self-discovery exploring colour, texture, and design.


I have worked with the Indian tradition of Rangoli throughout my artist journey. I explore and interpret the geometry and symmetry to create joyous, unique, and vibrant design.


My passion for sharing my knowledge and global experiences has to lead to me creating and developing a range of workshops that allow children and adults to explore traditional Indian arts and crafts.


I love to exhibit my work. I continually explore new diverse projects that can hosted in modern and traditional exhibition spaces, creating unique experiences for the visitors. My latest exhibitions are below:


Out of the Frame

Ort Gallery & Centrala


A Journey Through Colours

Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery



The LITE Project

Soho House, Birmingham

About Me

A wise man once said, accept me as I am, so I may learn what I can become.

Over the past 30+ years, since taking up residency in the UK, I have worked as an artist and teacher. My main aim has been to raise the profile of the arts and crafts of Asian Women, as they are an integral part of daily life for those women throughout the world.

My work within the field of arts and education has helped to enhance a strong sense of identity, self-respect, and confidence amongst Asian communities. Based in Birmingham, I have worked mainly within the West Midlands and was commissioned to produce a series of installations throughout the UK, I have also demonstrated my artwork in Europe including Germany and Istanbul and Internationally as far as Australia and South Africa.

ranbir Kaur
My early life was spent both in India and Uganda before I moved to the UK in 1988. Whilst in India, I presented arts and educational programmes for national television. My work in the UK has included teacher training and working in primary and secondary education, as well as exhibiting my work in galleries and museums. I believe art is a powerful tool for communication which can create harmony and understanding. I have returned to India on five separate occasions, to accept awards for her contribution to keeping Indian culture alive in the UK.
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