Textiles Satkaar is an online charity group based in Walsall, and has been supporting women from different communities throughout the Covid19 Pandemic, helping them with the daily issues of isolation caused by local/national lockdowns.

Artist Ranbir started the group with just three ladies to help combat issues such as isolation, depression, anxiety and mental health during the lockdowns. Asked about the group Ranbir said “I was aware of the problems people were facing during the lockdown and long periods of isolations aren’t healthy for anyone. I wanted to create a group that gave ladies a chance to talk about current affairs, health issues, share jokes, recite bhajans and shabads, share recipes and even have sing-alongs. Something for them to look forward to. Alongside the chat we knit and crochet baby cardigans, shawls, bootees and caps for unborn babies which are then distributed free to local hospitals maternity departments.”

The popular group has quickly grown, and now over 20 women from across Birmingham, London, Leicester, Ireland and Nairobi have joined and meetup every Wednesday from 1.00 to 3.00 pm via Zoom. There is an open invitation to all ladies out there that would like to join the group, and new members are always welcome. To join, email Ranbir on enquiries@ranbir-arts.co.uk and include you name and phone number.

The group is always looking for Hospitals to make donations to, so if you or your hospital would like to receive some of these hand-knitted and crocheted baby clothes from this remarkable group of ladies, please email Ranbir at the email address above. For more information please visit www.ranbir-arts.co.uk