My upcoming exhibitions in the heart of Birmingham aim to encourage the diverse community within the city, to discover and embrace their local art galleries. For latest exhibition information visit outoftheframe.co.uk

BALSALL HEATH / 11.09.21 – 29.10.21

Ort Gallery

A diverse collection of my work that portrays the complex and multivalent culture throughout India, telling a story of not one, but many India’s. Through a language which manages to bring different worlds and cultures together harmoniously, it’s the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

DIGBETH / 01.10.21 – 29.10.21


A collection that conveys a spiritual message about the importance of textiles as an expression of cultural identity – a universal message about the importance of arts and crafts as a medium able to transmit, what words cannot express.


My Journey

Join me as I investigate the memories of my life, through the places of my childhood to career highlights. Transposing the connections between feminine memories and those of the places I belong to. Through my own language I reveal the indivisible bond between my life and my art.