Over the course of the past fortnight, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the esteemed #MultiStory, who has conducted Rangoli-making workshops with various community groups as part of the #GreenRootsWednesbury initiative. The workshops have afforded participants the opportunity to gain insight into the history and practical aspects of Rangoli-making, and have enabled them to create their own Rangoli flowers, which will be showcased at a celebratory event in their honour. Extended gratitude to the groups involved, namely We Are Wednesbury Crafternoon, Wednesbury Museum Community Art Group, and the Way to Wellbeing Group, as well as to MultiStory and Green Roots Wednesbury for their invaluable contributions.

We recently had the pleasure of spending a delightful morning at the Son’s of Rest with the Way to Well-being group, We Are Wednesbury, and I, who delivered a talk on South Asian crafts. Again extended thanks to Councillor Pete Hughes of Wednesbury North, as well as Councillors Nicola Maycock and Jenny Chidley for their attendance. I also express my appreciation to Alison Hartshorne, Veena Devi, Mandy Williams, and the exceptional group who created the flower Rangolis.